Dog Training Cornwall

Cornwall dog trainer fixes pet behaviour problems

Does your dog jump on you and your guests?  Bark all the time?  Pull on the lead – making walking nearly impossible?

Is your pet nipping everyone?  Chasing everything and refuses to come when called? Is your dog impossible to house train?

Stop worrying :-)  You don’t own the Tasmanian devil dog – its simply basic puppy behaviour that needs to be addressed, by applying solid principals of dog training, giving your pup a rock solid routine and a structured training plan.

I can help you – it’s what I do!

I’m Morwenna McNally and I train all breeds of dogs

dog training Cornwall

I’m a dog trainer, dog boarding and training kennel owner and all around dog lover, living and working in Truro to serve all your pet, puppy and doggie needs in Cornwall.

Read on for my personal story

Hi – I’m Morwenna McNally,  I have been training dogs of all breeds and sizes for basic obedience, house manners and puppy potty training as well as advanced obedience work for the past 10 years.
I offer dog and puppy training Truro as well as one on one personal instruction, group classes and my board and train ‘doggie boot camp’ program – where your pup will learn all it’s basic obedience at my kennel while staying with me.
My previous career as a Veterinary nurse has given me extensive experience in animal heath and care.
This stint in veterinary nursing led me to my next job, working at Nancarrow Kennels under renowned local and international dog trainer Hedley Millington which ‘fueled the fire’ to become a great dog trainer.
Im an animal lover – First and foremost – I don’t know it all – and Im happy to admit it, but I truly have a passion for dogs and a commitment to become a dog trainer that continually learns and applies solid principals.
I simply love figuring out the dog behavioural problems that my clients training dogs provide.
dog trainer Cornwall
The past 5 years have been an amazing ride, working with different breeds of dogs and applying my force free, no treats, principals of dog training for customers across the UK and even into Europe.
I provide simple, actionable solutions without force or punishment, without treat training, that the whole family can easily learn and implement.

My dog training Cornwall beliefs

I truly believe that the only way to effectively train a dog is with a solid structure and routine, with positive training methods and repetition, repetition, repetition!  This is what dog training Cornwall is all about.
At I also operate a full service dog boarding kennel for pets in the Truro Cornwall area so take advantage of getting your dog trained when you travel on your next holiday!
Call me today – let’s schedule a consultation so i can meet you and your pup at
07949 075303 or email me
Im looking forward to seeing you and your dog soon :-)