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Dog behaviour and bad habits can be both frustrating and puzzling to dog owners.

It’s important for you to understand that dogs do not operate with the same motivations as people, so sometimes their behaviour doesn’t make sense to us.

What we consider bad manners and a pup being naughty is often only a puppy being exactly that – a puppy!

If every time you call your dog back to you, you put him on the leash or into the kennel – it wont take a smart dog long to learn that coming when called – results in being put away and that’s the end of their fun time…

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It’s logical puppy thinking

Staying away from you results in more free fun running time – oh and if you add in a nice game of chase me – so much the better!!

We are actually reinforcing the very actions that we dislike…

So you stop letting pup have free roaming and running time, so he wont run off, which immediately causes an quick escalation of new bad behaviours due to not getting enough exercise.

Catch 22!

What I do is call my dog back to me regularly during walks. It won’t take a smart dog long to learn that if he complies there is way more fun times to be had by behaving.

Learning ability in dogs

The limit of our dog’s learning ability relates their comprehension of the sounds of certain words.

Dogs are quick to respond to the sounds that are important to them.

Bang on the biscuit tin and pup comes running right!

Skilled dog trainers understand that as well as using command words (like sit or stay) to dictate dog’s actions, repetition of actions enable the dog to use his mental imagery to ‘see’ and understand what his owners want.

Let me explain

Almost every one uses our mental imagery ability daily.

Ever noticed how certain songs on the radio you relate to specific things or periods of time? Like summer holiday tunes – they take you back to the beach in your mind – or a song reminding you of friends…

Has a sad song made you cry? Yep – me too!!

This is classic “Pavlov’s dog” classical conditioning study

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So when you bang the biscuit tin, your dog already has a mental image of the treat in his mind.

If jumping up on you enable’s him to get the treat, that’s precisely the behaviour that he will replicate to be rewarded with the treat.

To change the action of jumping on you for a treat, command sit, then when your pup complies give him the treat.

Changing your pup’s actions (or behaviors) is as simple as changing how you train the dog to achieve what he wants.

Dog trainers use this information for the benefit of dog training. The best dog trainers in Cornwall understand how dogs think and how they develop behavioral problems.

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