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Truro Pet Care for Boarding Dog Kennels Cornwall

If you are looking for dog boarding kennels in Truro Cornwall, I offer a comfy home away from home dog boarding experience for your pets.

Our dog kennels Cornwall boarding experience is set on over 200 acres of farmland that we have exclusive use of.  Dogs that are obedient, can walk, run and play across the fields at in the pond.

dog boarding kennels Cornwall

Morwenna is a firm believer that a tired dog is a happy and content dog!

Look: I love taking long hikes with dogs that enjoy roaming, sniffing (maybe chasing only the occasional rabbit!) and having a truly enjoyable experience instead of being ‘stuck’ into a noisy boarding kennel and turned out into runs for 10 minutes twice a day.

Thats not the type of place I would ever leave my own dogs – so I don’t expect you too either.

dog kennels Cornwall

Thats why I designed my dog kennels cornwall and truro boarding facility the way I have.  So your pups will enjoy their holidays, in complete safety, as much as you can enjoy yours – with complete peace of mind that your beloved hounds are having a blast, and being taken care of – as if they were my own.

Thats my promise to you – I’ll take care of them as if they were my own

I have designed my routine around the dogs, we have a huge fenced yard ensuring safe exercise for pets that become distracted and wont come :-)

Regular exercise is the most important part of the day at my boarding kennels.  We encourage play times and group exercise with dogs that will get along and love the freedom of being outdoors.

dog boarding kennels Truro

My kennel is heated and spotlessly clean – Im a stickler about it – dogs are provided fresh bedding everyday (hey this is Cornwall – it rains and they get wet!) lots of fun time outside, where I also make sure their behaviour is enforced with regular training sessions on and off lead.

Need training help?

Why not consider my board and train program where I will work with your dog 2-3 times a day in addition to the other activities we do here on a daily basis.

I can tailor my training program for your individual needs – or maybe you just have a few pet peeves concerning your dogs behaviour.

dog training Cornwall

I can do 1 week dog training programs through 4 week programs depending on your needs and the skill level your pup already has.

Book early for dog kennels Cornwall boarding experience

We have limited availability in our boarding kennels because of the standard of care we provide – so be sure to book early

Contact me on 07949 075303 or simply email me here