1.Will my dog forget me while in obedience training at Your Kennels?
Your dog will not forget you while in obedience training. If you have a good relationship with your dog now, he will never forget you. Dogs recognize your voice more than the way you look, so as soon as you begin to talk to your dog when you get ready to take him home, your relationship will resume as before with only good manner changes.

2. Will my dog’s personality change as a result of obedience training?
Your pup will not undergo a personality change. Your dog becomes a better “citizen,” a pleasure to be with. He will mature a bit while in training, but you can expect a happy, playful pet to return home.

3. How is dog obedience training accomplished?
Training is accomplished through repetition. Your dog will naturally learn to respect his trainer and owner when rewarded with positive praise for a job well-done and a less pleasing, lower tone of voice when misbehaving. Morwenna will show your dog what is expected of him before any correction occurs.

4. I know my dog will perform well for you: will he do the same for me?
Your dog will behave properly for you if you take the time to continue working with him regularly. Pet ownership is a responsibility: when you accept a pet into your life you are agreeing to not only care for him and make sure he gets proper nutrition, but you are also agreeing to spend time with him and make him a part of your life. All dogs really enjoy training. Morwenna will show you an obedience routine to practice at home with your dog to keep you both happy and in harmony. As your obedience trainers we will spend a great amount of time with your dog, so we will be able to recommend necessary changes for your pet’s return home to make sure that bad habits do not begin to re-occur. If bad habits start creeping back in I will provide support and follow up lessons to ensure your ongoing success and satisfaction.

5. What is the advantage of your dog training program in comparison to others?
The obedience training program at my kennel is accomplished on 200 acres of farm land in the company of professional trainers and trained dogs as opposed to a small, enclosed room. Therefore, I can incorporate many more practical aspects of training to help your dog become a well-rounded, good citizen for you to take home and enjoy. While in training, your pup is constantly presented with distractions to help promote good behaviour and obedience even when his attention may be elsewhere at the moment. It is paramount for your dog’s safety that he understands his commands and that he obey, especially in a free and open area. This is not accomplished in a small enclosure.

6. I’ll really miss my dog while he is in training: will he miss me?
It normally takes a small amount of time for a dog to adjust to being away from home, very similar to attending college away from home. But he will quickly get into the routine with me, enjoying his training and the ability to really stretch out and take a nice run or a swim in the pond. And dogs always enjoy the company of other dogs, so they never feel lonely. In other words, Mum and Dad are going to miss pup a whole lot more than pup will miss them!

7. Can I visit my dog during training?
We do not allow visitation during obedience training. It does take a while for us to develop a relationship with your dog, which allows training to progress. In order for your dog to return home in a timely manner, we do not wish to confuse your dog and possibly have him lapse or regress in training with a visit from his owner.

8. How often is my dog worked?
Your dog is worked every day. Repetition is the key to obedience success!

9. How often is my dog allowed to exercise?
Your dog will get plenty of exercise every time he is taken out to train. We encourage running, retrieving and swimming to break the monotony of obedience training. A well-rounded dog is a happy one!