Gun Dog Training Cornwall


gun dog training Cornwall

Morwenna is widely considered as one of the premier gun dog trainers in Cornwall.

An up and coming field trial star competing with her own dogs – not only attending – but WINNING.  She has become a force to be reckoned with.

Training on a 200 acre pheasant shoot, stuffed with game and diverse cover to give your dog the experience, training and work to make it a first class gun dog.


Morwenna has a secret – She has great mentors!

Hedley and Cathy Millington

Worked at Nancarrow kennels for 3 years under Hedley and Cathy, Morwenna was able to continue the Nancarrow line of Cockers after his passing.

Started her kennel ‘Aveegotun’ with the last of the Nancarrow line, Morwenna has continued the tradition, producing a classic Cocker that’s hard hunting, a natural retriever with a desire to please.

Hedley needs little introduction in gun dog training Cornwall circles – he made up 10 FTCH’s including the legendary Swallowlaw Snipe.

Had a heart attack in front of the Queen during the run off in the Championships – but finished the run off anyway and took 3rd.

Took under his wing and helped many aspiring gun dog trainers – with tough love, bringing out the best in them, but demanding perfection.  Bred a Cocker Championship Winner…the list goes on…

Hedley – you are deeply missed by those of us that knew and loved you.  Thank you – for everything.

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