Puppy Training Truro

Morwenna McNally – professional dog and puppy training Truro

Are you having puppy training problems?

Maybe its house training, potty training or general bad behaviour from your dog? Does your puppy come when called?  Jump on everyone?  Nipping at the children and playing rough?

I can help with all these bad puppy dog behaviours

My name is Morwenna and I have been a professional dog trainer for 10 years.

puppy training Truro

Most of the behaviours your pup is exhibiting is ‘normal’ for a puppy – he has learned to get his way and is really good at playing the cute card!

Every dog needs puppy training and a solid structure during the early stages of life to really thrive.  Dogs love learning – much like us they get a tremendous sense of accomplishment when they please you and make you happy.

The problem right now for you is  – your dog doesn’t know how to please you!

I have the experience to change this, both in your puppy training truro lessons and my board and train obedience program at my kennel in Cornwall.

dog training in Cornwall

You can read my personal story here  what I love about dog training in Cornwall and the methods that I use to achieve good dog manners, I am able to teach you to get so much more enjoyment from your pup everyday, no matter if it’s simply hanging around at your house or playing on the beach.

My training process has been learned through the past 10+ years. I constantly refine how I train, my methods to achieve good dog behavior and my skills at reading people and being able to effectively transfer my dog knowledge to you, my clients.

I learn something new every day, from every dog and from every client.

As soon as we stop learning, we become stagnant

Become a voracious reader of all materials you can get your hands on. Weight the evidence carefully, discard the BS and keep and utilize all the good information.  Thats the very best advice I can give you in your search for a puppy training Truro professional.

With very few exceptions all the dogs I have ever had through my hands have been trained with repetition and praise. Consistent – repetitive – obedience, combined with a sound structured schedule.

Sure – treat training will work for a number of dogs in a confined environment – free of distraction provided the dog has the appetite to follow commands through feeding. But it will NOT work if the dog decides the distraction more important than the treat offered.

Morwenna McNally Cornwall dog training

Come and see how I can quickly get your puppy to ‘want’ to learn, to love and enjoy training – and above all else – we will build, through training, a stronger bond and relationship between you and your dog.